Best part: I'll even hook you up with free strings and a free guitar.

Master Guitar Scales All Over the Neck,
Supercharge Your Hearing with Perfect Ear Pitch,
Get Hundreds of Killer Jam Tracks to Solo with,
Over 800 Video Lessons and Much More,
All For Just $19.95...

Plus Learn About My "Free Guitar Bribe"
When You're Inside The Club!

Dear Guitarist,

My name is Claude Johnson and I've been playing guitar for 20 years. I've recorded in studios, I've rocked it out at respected venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, and I've studied with many of the greatest guitarists alive - so when it comes to guitar, I know what's going on...

And today, I'd like to make you the best offer I've ever made:

I'm talking about giving you primo access to the brand new "Guitar God Club", with instant access to 9 cool guitar learning and jamming websites, plus other goodies like free strings and even a free guitar (more on that in a moment)...

Listen, I'm all about hooking you up with the best "tools" that you can use to make MAJOR improvements in your guitar playing, FAST... AND I guarantee you'll have a blast doing it too.

For starters, you get instant access to nine powerful websites. Here's what you're getting:

Master Scales and Get Killer Chops with
Guitar God Club Site #1:

Guitar Scale System

In Just 15 Minutes a Day, You'll Play
Wicked, Smokin' Solos In Any Key,
All Over The Neck Without Sounding Like
A Guitar Geek Running Through a Scale Exercise

Plus Save Yourself Years of Frustration...

Let me ask you...

-Would you rather receive chinese torture than practice boring guitar scale patterns all day long?

-Does it feel like you're still light years away from mastering the neck?

-Have you ever wondered if there's a faster, easier, "funner" way to learn guitar scales?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you're in luck because I'm going to show you how to make guitar scale practice three times more effective and fun! I'm about to share 6 powerful keys that you can use to immediately improve your mastery of guitar scales.

Scale Mastery Key #1:
Memorize Your Scale Patterns

Obviously, if you want to be a scale maestro, you're gonna have to learn a few patterns.

The guitar scale system will not only "show you" the right patterns, but you'll get to "jam along" with it. Plus, your 'virtual coach' will help you gain the critical ability to switch quickly and easily between positions on the neck.

Scale Mastery Key #2:
Learn to Jump Anywhere on the Neck

Knowing your patterns cold and being able to solo within each one of them and switch at a moment's notice...THAT'S ONLY THE FIRST STEP! Next we need to be jump anywhere on the neck, and instantly know what pattern it there!

Scale Mastery Key #3:
Learn to Switch Direction
In the Blink of an Eye

Knowing the patterns and the neck is a great foundation. Next you need to further hone your skills so you can improvise in a scale and move your hand in any direction without losing your way on the neck at all. Guess what, we have a practice mode for you just for that. The "Switching Direction" practice mode will have you moving in a new direction every 15 seconds.

Scale Mastery Key #4:
Know the Building Block Shapes
And How They Interlock Together

This is another way you can go beyond just learning "patterns". Every pattern can be broken down into smallerpatterns. I call these the "building block shapes". You can learn these raw shapes and understand how they interlocktogether to form the total picture of the scale on the whole neck. This will further enhance absolute mastery of theneck. I can almost guarantee you've never practiced this way before. But we're not done yet. Next is:

Scale Mastery Key #5:
Learn Your Scales On Single Strings,
Double Stops, And Beyond...

In the "specific strings" practice mode, you'll alternate between practicing scales on certain individual strings,playing scales in double stops, or even playing on 2 non-adjacent strings. This will stretch your ability to see andplay the scale everywhere on the neck. By the time you learn this scale in such detail, you'll be tearing up the guitar,believe me.

Scale Mastery Key #6:
See the Entire Fretboard
As One Monster Pattern

If you can see the entire fretboard as one big pattern, that is the ultimate in visualization mastery. The Guitar Scale System makes it easy to view, learn, and memorize an entire scale pattern. It will generate any scale you want andshow you the complete neck diagram while you're jamming.

So you're free to experiment with different scales and you'll get a great "feedback learning loop" by playing alongwith the fretboard diagram. The bottom line is, if you jam for 15 minutes a day for 30 days, you're going to be well on your way to ruling the neck.

Rule the Neck 300% Faster
With the Physical Nervous System Phase Training

The physical phase is one of the most cutting-edge guitar practice methods available today. This new way to practice guitar easily triples the speed of your progress compared to old practicing ways.

Physical Training Component #1: The Nervous System Protocol. It took us years to distill the essence of theworld-class training we received into an powerful fail-proof 11 step formula for guitarists. Just put it to the test andyou'll experience the results first-hand.

Physical Training Component #2: The Nervous system Drills. We've included 25 awesome drills to get youstarted. Each drill integrates a different skill or technique inside your nervous system. I suggest that you do 1 or 2 ofthese a day with the protocol.

Physical Component #3: The Automated Nervous System Training Technology. This is a part of the online system. Until now, there was nothing designed to fully automate this simple yet powerful method. Now, you justhave to "push the button" and follow the protocol. It's that easy.

Here's my challenge to you: Use the guitar scale system for just 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Pick just one scale,but use all the practice modes. After 30 days, you will own that scale and you'll be dominating the neck with it!

Finally, you'll hit the "90% excitation level" that forces your nervous system to download new skills deep into yourbody. This is the key to absolute mastery. This is the "Joe-Satriani-Steve-Vai" zone. The difference is, they did it by practicing 12 hours a day. With the new Guitar Scale System you'll be able to get to that level in a third of the time they did (or less).

Another great aspect is: it only takes 15 minutes a day! If you use the Russian nervous system training for 15 minutes a day, you'll make HUGE improvements in a matter of weeks.

Supercharge Your Ear with
Guitar God Club Site #2:

Tone Tutor

New Breakthrough Software System
Automatically Gives You a World Class Ear,
So You'll Finally Develop Killer Guitar Control.

- Get "pro level" fretboard mastery
- Never miss another note again
- Play solos from the gut with heart and feel

Let's cut right to the chase: It's your sense of pitch that helps you find the right notes on the fretboard. Show me a guitar player with a bad sense of pitch and I'll show you a guitar player that SUCKS!

Absolute Pitch is One of the Greatest Skills
You Could Ever Have As a Musician!

Tone Tutor helps you create a near perfect sense of pitch - FAST. This is the ability to know what notes are being played with no reference point at all. Just imagine yourself having this incredible ability... You'll be able to hear a chord, and know immediately what's being played. You'll be able to hear a new song and figure it out quickly – WITHOUT TABLATURE!

You'll be able to jam with other guitar players and hear the music on a deeper level – so you'll know exactly what you should be playing on top to create that amazing synergy. Your enjoyment of all music will skyrocket. But most importantly, you'll be able to clearly hear notes in your head and find them instantly on the fretboard! Yes, finally you will be able to unleash your inner "Guitar God" and play directly from the heart.

Perhaps The Biggest Single Difference Between
A Legend Like Clapton or Santana
And The Struggling Guitarist Is...

They can play and recreate the solos
that they are hearing in their heads.

How do they do this?

I call it " The Brain-to-Hand Connection". I first revealed this amazing concept inside of "Killer Guitar Control Secrets".Since then, I've done a lot of thinking and research into: how YOU can create the most powerful "Brain-to-HandConnection" possible.

There are 3 secrets to creating a world-class "Brain-to-Hand Connection":

1. The Ear-to-Brain Connection
2. The Ear-to-Fretboard Connection
3. Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop

Secret #1: The Ear-to-Brain Connection The first step is developing a strong "ear-to-brain" connection. This is when you HEAR something and then yourbrain can identify the sound.

For an example, after using Tone Tutor and I played you a G – your brain would recognize it. If I played a D, youwould know it automatically. If you can't already do this effortlessly, then you need Tone Tutor.

This is quite possibly the most under-rated skill in guitar playing, yet it's one of the big keys that can blow yourguitar playing to the next level. And of course, Tone Tutor is the funnest, quickest, most effective way to build yourear-to-brain connection.

Secret #2: The Ear-to-Fretboard Connection
This is even LESS talked about, yet it's ONE OF THE BIGGEST KEYS to Guitar Control: It’s your ability toHEAR something and SEE IT on the fretboard.

Imagine, if you heard a hot lick in your head and you would KNOW WITH CERTAINTY where it is on the neck.You could actually see the notes on the fretboard as you hear the music in your mind. How easy would it be tobecome a Guitar God?

For the FIRST TIME EVER... I've created a new system that actually forces your brain to build a powerful "ear-to­fretboard connection". This takes "ear training" for GUITAR PLAYERS to a whole new dimension. This is truly the first "pitch training system" that is designed exclusively for guitar players.

Secret #3: Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop
This is where the 3 secrets to a brain-to-hand connection "all comes together" in a beautiful way. I want you tocompare what's going on inside the mind of a mediocre guitarist versus a great guitar player. The mediocre playerplays memorized licks and patterns and it sounds boring. The great player, hears the new notes in his head... and then knows exactly where to find them on the fretboard. This Is the FOUNDATION Of "Gut Level Feel" And"Playing From The Heart".

Tone Tutor is your personal ear trainer. It's designed to build you up from 0 to Absolute Pitch Hero in record time,all while you're having a blast! It doesn't matter if you have the worst pitch on the planet. It doesn't matter if youcan't tell a A chord from a Z chord. Tone Tutor is going to build you up systematically.

It's Like Having a Professional Ear Training Coach
Guide You Every Step of The Way...

 You'll control the settings so that you can adjust the level of difficulty to your current level. As you get better, yousimply add more notes – and next thing you know: YOU'VE GOT ABSOLUTE PITCH! You'll be trained in avariety of octaves – this is where you'll truly develop a world-class ear.

Software shows you your score and accuracy so you can easily track your progress. You'll have hardcore proof andfeedback of your improvement on a weekly and even daily basis.

Tone tutor's unique set up helps you "correct" your ear when you make mistakes, to ensure that every practicesession creates improvement. No "blips and beeps" - Instead, there's professional, studio recordings of guitar notesso it's like another guitarist is right there in the room training with you. User friendly, interactive screens make iteasy (and a joy) to use consistently.

Introducing the Biggest Breakthrough In Ear Training for Guitar Players: The Ear-to-Fretboard Trainer

Most ear training courses only train your ear. However, as you saw with the "Guitar Player Loop" – you also needto train your eyes too (which we call "ear-to-fretboard" mastery.)

And until now – THERE WAS NO REAL WAY to train this critical skill. However, Tone Tutor changeseverything. For the first time ever, ear training is fully integrated with an interactive fretboard. This means thatyou'll be training your ear-to-fretboard awareness without even thinking about it. This is truly amazing. You'll betraining every level: your ears, your eyes and your mind.

Also Included in This Package: The Absolute Pitch Audio Seminar
That Will Unlock a New World Of Musical Mastery

This fun and enlightening 1-hour audio seminar will explain everything I know (and everything you need to know) about developing Absolute pitch, and how to use our software for maximum benefit.

End "Practice Boredom" Forever with
Guitar God Club Site #3:

Amazing Jam Tracks

Jamming and improvising over backing tracks is another way to boost your skills, and if you got good tracks to jam over, it's PURE GUITAR FUN...

Get Ready for "Jam Track Heaven" with these
3 Massive Collections of Awesome Jam Tracks.

If you're like me (and probably every other guitarist), you love jamming to a cool backing track. Good backing tracks allow you to:

Improve Your Soloing Effortlessly and Automatically...
Have a Blast While Practicing and Playing...

Enhance Your Guitar Scale Skills...
Have Fun Jamming in Your Favorite Musical Styles...

Experience a Rush of Inspiration Any Time You Want...
Supercharge Your Practice Sessions...

And of Course, Just Enjoy Your Guitar More...

Now... I have not just one, but three amazing collections of backing tracks for you. We're talking over 500 cool backing tracks of amazing quality and "jammability". So whether you're a newbie, a pro, orsomewhere in between, I promise you're gonna absolutely love jamming to these sweet and intense tracks.Here's What You Get:

Collection #1:
The "Incredible Guitar Tracks Library"
(162 Tracks)

This collection #1 even by itself is actually like 7 mindblowing mini collections in one. You're getting: 72 crunchy rock tracks, 27 soulful blues tracks, 23 groovy funk tracks, 18 powerful metal tracks, 6 smooth jazz tracks, 7 rockin' country tracks, and 9 beautiful ballad tracks.

This collection features a ton of great rhythm guitar and really makes you feel like you're jamming live with a band.I promise you'll be impressed and delighted with these tracks.

Collection #2:
The "All Possibilities" Jam Track Collection
(240 Tracks)

Picture 240 amazing, unique jam tracks covering every combination of tempo, style, and modality. You'll get amassive array of original tracks, featuring: 60 Unique 12-Bar Blues Tracks... 60 Slick Minor Vamps Tracks...AND 120 Harmonic and Melodic Tracks...

Imagine laying down some intense melodic licks over these sweet tracks. This 240-track collection covers nearlyevery possible key, tempo, style, and scale. It lets you focus on specific keys and scales and its designed to takeyour playing to the next level. Of course, with its live instruments and slick keyboard arrangements, it just soundsawesome and makes for great jamming.

Collection #3:
The "Ultimate Melodic Rock"
Jam Track Collection
(102 Tracks)

This collection contains 102 more amazing tracks for your jamming pleasure. This one's an intense mix of killermelodic rock and pop-rock tracks. You get: Killer Acoustic Jams, Electric Guitar Jams, Melodic Keyboard Jams,Melodic Rock Jams, Pop-Rock Jams, Blues Jams. And tons of other cool tracks like country, latin, funk, & jazz.

Plus, Dozens of Amazing Tracks
In the Styles of Your Favorite Artists

...such As Eric Clapton, Foreigner, Joe Satriani, The Eagles, R.E.M., Toto, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, The Police, Tears For Fears, Lionel Richie, Led Zepellin, The Beatles, And Much Much More....

Enjoy The Tightest
Blues Backup Band Ever with
Guitar God Club Site #4:

Blues Guitar Jams

Kiss "Boring Guitar Practice" Goodbye...

Who Else Wants to Have a Blast Wailing on the Guitar
With This Killer Collection of 60 Blues Backing Tracks?

Let's call a spade a spade: practicing by yourself is as much fun as counting how many cars drove by in front ofyour house. IT SUCKS! The ultimate FUN vibe is to jam out with other musicians. That's why I went overboard including killer jam track sites in the Guitar God Club.

I mean, seroiusly, let's be straight up about the realities of getting a group of dudes together to jam. You have tofind a space (often pay for it), co-ordinate everybody's schedule and then you hope that everyone shows up.And the truth is, a lot of guys roll into the jam room hungover from a party binge and their timing is as "on" as adrunk monkey. NOT GOOD.

NO MORE HUNGOVER BANDMATES! So that's why I personally LOVE to practice with jam tracks. Jam tracks are FUN. They're a blast and they are theultimate "practice boredom killer". And I think you'll feel the same way. Fresh out of the recording studio is anamazing batch of hot tracks that will make you feel like you're playing on stage with a bunch of old blues pros.

Just Push Play and You'll Enjoy
The Tightest Backup Band Ever.

It's all TOP QUALITY BLUES TRACKS. Here's a quick rundown of some of the hot blues guitar jams you’ll get:

The "rainy day" major blues in B.
A funky guitar driven shuffle blues in E.
A funky uptown power trio blues in A with some killer drum beats.

• The classic "crossroads" jam in the key of A.
A fast, funky Ab blues boogie jam.
• Classic shuffle blues in Bb. This one's perfect for beginners.
A slow driving type rhythm with some classic "Thrill is Gone" vibes
James Brown would approve of this funk blues in A.
A Gary Moore inspired ballad blues in A minor in 6/8 time.
A killer Chuck Berry blues that begs for your wailing guitar licks.
A shuffle rock/blues in A, inspired by ZZ Top. Rock on!
Here's a Stevie Ray Vaughan type blues in 4/4.
A 4/4 Blues in Ab inspired by Johnny Winter, the Texas blues great.
And so much more that I'd have to write 5 pages to cover it all...

But hold up, that's not all you get. Each of these unique tracks was also re-recorded (with live instruments) in a different key, tempo, and vibe... so you have twice as many tracks to choose from.

So You're Getting 60 Killer Blues Tracks That You Can Jam Over Anytime You Want! Literally thousands of dollars and countless hours were spent creating this awesome collection of tracks, just foryour jamming pleasure. However, thanks to the 'net, I can offer them to many guitarists and hook you up with these tracks as part of the Guitar God Club Remember...

All You Have To Do Is Push The Play Button And You'll Instantly Rock Like a Smokin' Blues Legend...These tracks were painstakingly created for maximum variety and fun, while staying within the blues genre. Once again, there's 60 total Blues Guitar Jams for you to enjoy over and over.

Have a Blast with
Guitar God Club Site #5:

Guitar God Games

Finally REAL Guitar Video Games Make It Fun and Easy To Improve Your REAL Guitar Chops And Skills While Having A Blast! is the premiere "guitar games site" on the net. Unlike "Guitar Hero ®", you're actually doing to develop REAL SKILLS.

Here's the first 3 Guitar God Games
(which are all included with the package):

1. Tone Man

2. Tone Invaders

3. Guitaroids

The "Guitar God" Suite of Video Games
Lets You Train Your Ears While Having a Blast

Yes, you'll be able to dodge ghosts, shoot alien ships and duck guitar shaped asteroids – as you're developing your Absolute Pitch. How freaking cool is that?

Like Any Great Video Game...
You'll Have Fun Trying to Beat Your Previous Records...

Plus: We'll be adding more games in the future. You’ll be shocked and awed with all of the cool and skill-boosting software games that we'll be coming out with... and yes we have very cool additions already in the making.

Rock Out All Over Again with
Guitar God Club Site #6:

Rock Guitar Jams

You really can't have too many jam tracks, so I'm throwing in another site into the club: Rockguitarjams.

You'll get 60 premium rock jams. All you have to do is push play and you'll wailing some killer leads.

Wail with some Heaviness in
Guitar God Club Site #7:

Rock Guitar Jams

If you like heavy stuff, here's 60 more awesome tracks to rock out with.

There's just some many goodies that I don't have time to go into every single track you'll get here. Put it this way: In the Guitar God Club you'll have enough tracks to keep you entertained for months or even years.

Get Your Own Personal Team
Of Guitar Coaches with
Guitar God Club Site #8:

Lead Guitar Gurus

Just Imagine... Having 9 Lead Guitar Gurus
Coaching You Every Step of the Way...
Helping You Transform Into
A Smokin' Guitar Ace in Record Time...

Want to double or triple your current lead guitar skills FAST?

Then guess what... You just hit the jackpot.

I have not just one, but NINE of the finest lead guitar instructors in the WORLD, and they have put together OVER 800 FULL-SCREEN VIDEO LESSONS WITH TABS that you can watch, learn from, and get inspiration from, anytime you want...

This is incredible!

This site alone is easily worth the price of the Guitar God Club. But you get it all with your membership.

Get Wisdom, Entertainment
And Hot Guitar Tips from
Guitar God Club Site #9:
Evolution of a Pro Guitarist

Evolution of a Pro Guitarist

"Evolution of a Pro Guitarist" comes from our good friend: San Francisco session pro Jimmy Dillon.


This is a very unique video series as Jimmy shares his insider secrets that he learned in over 4 decades of trial and error, to go from a struggling amateur to a successful pro guitar player.

It's a nice mixture of entertainment, tips on succeeding as a money-making musician, guitar tricks, wild stories, musical widsom, and lessons.

So what's the deal --
Is this too good to be true?

There is no catch. If you decide to stay in the club, its only 19.95/month, and you can cancel anytime.

So you're geting 9 sites for the price of one - that's a killer deal!

I want to stress the fact that there is absolutely no obligation or strings attached to this offer. You can cancel anytime.

I'm hoping you'll like the club enough to stick around... And there are some awesome incentives if you do stay in the club, including the fact that we keep adding new sites, AND...

We give you free guitar strings and other gifts (including a guitar!) if you stick with it. You'll find out more details inside.

I could write another 10 pages on why you should sign up, but I think the best way to experience the value of what I'm offering is to try out first hand.

You have NOTHING TO LOSE, so click on the link below and get started.

Rock on,

Claude "Guitar Man" Johnson

P.S. Here's a few unsolicited comments about our courses and products:


"dude you rock. great instruction... i have been playing 30 yrs and you showed me some stuff i never figured out... i got so much out of the first cd i'm saving the second one for later... understand i am a working musician...but your simplistic method has opened giagantic doors for me..."

Ken Hill, Moorpark, California

"Your phrasing is quite good and that is often an elusive skill to develop. Even the real virtuosos often have difficulty with this subtly. It was refreshing to hear most of your leads being bite sized, digestible musical ideas for the ear, as opposed to the mindless flurries of notes you so often hear. Interesting as to the playing from the ear and not the fingers. You come off as a likeable man and that might be the most important thing of all. Very often one will watch a video - and I have them all from Russ Cooley to Brian May, and it will be very difficult to relate to the player. Your tone is good and unique, and your playing seems very competent. I think the material that you've provided is excellent stuff!"

Michael Melman, Guitar Teacher, Manalapan, New Jersey

"Your playing is very good, and very natural. It is inspirational watching you play and then break down what you are thinking and how you're approaching it. As I said I have been playing for 16 years but have been stuck in a rut... playing the same scales, the same licks... it all just sounds the same. I have needed to get to the next level and get off this plateau and I think your program gives me an opportunity to do just that. Thanks very much Claude!"

Scott Seward, Ann Arbor Vermont

"Thank you so much for these! Wonderful! You are a genius! Thanks Again! "

Jodie Hernandez

"Hello Mr. Claude Johnson, I received your 2-disk DVD course a few days ago. I found that there is a LOT of good, practical, information there. I thought I would let you know that until now, despite a 20 years as a rock drummer (and being around good guitarists), 1 year of recent private guitar lessons, and a large guitar library, I have had a lot of trouble figuring out how to play fluently around the fretboard. These patterns just seemed unrelated and unconnected to me. However, various learning concepts you presented helped make that mental connection for me. The rest of my guitar library did not do that. As of yesterday, I am playing all over the fret board. Many thanks. "

John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E , Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks Claude. I am appreciating the video, it is beginning to 'gel', the secret for me is to combine it with the book you provide, and some practice. Cheers, have a good Easter. "

Aidan Bent, UK

"I want to thank you for developing a good course and I feel that you are a very kind and considerate person. I will keep you up to date on my learning development."

Michael J. Malley

"Recieved your course today... well impressed, & i'm only 45 minutes in . Let you know of my progess once ive really sat down & studied it to the maximum. I'm really Excited im in the hands off some off the best guitarists in the world & it will save me a hell of a lot off information searching which at times i'm sure you'll agree what you're looking for isnt always in the book at hand even if like me you have an array Over 60 to 70 books on the subject. This is the edge i've been looking for you've set my guitar on a better coarse & given me direction cheers."

Simon X. - United Kingdom

"I can't thank you enough, u play a mean guitar. Thanks for the inspiration."

James Cantrell

"I have to say that my nephew in California emailed me your website as a great way to learn the guitar. He picked it up several years ago. I have made more progress in 10 minuets on your two lessons than I have with the 2 cd/books I bought and one other online trial lesson I tried 2 weeks ago."

Thanks, Ralph

"Hi Claude! Thanks alot for the videos - this is really helping me learn guitar well! I had my first gig with my band a few days ago. It went really well, thanks to all the stuff you've been teaching me. Thanks again,

Ellie Needham, United Kingdom

"Claude dude I just wanna say think you for all of your help. I'm like playing guitar like a pro. Thank you SOO much again. Keep on rocking homie!! Forever your guitar student "

Christina C.

"hi claude, it`s here! That what I`ve learned in one hour from your DVD, nobody could explain in the last ten years. I thank you so much for your lessons and your fantastic easy way to explain difficult stuff. It seems that nothing is no more difficult. Thank you claude! I Best wishes and all the best for you! "

Thomas Boehm, Munchen, Germany

"Hi Claude, Yesterday evening I received the DVD,wow it is great,Just brief through the DVD last nite & this morning ,you make it look so easy to play ,your approach & application was Xcellent and the rest of the techniques too. Thank You (Great Teacher) Musically Yours "

Bahrom (Ben) Raja, Australia

" I recently purchased your Guitar Secrets DVD's. Wow You have given me the keys to my guitar. No stop signs or speed limits. The things you reveal Wow!!!! We are talking your course should be mandatory Wow!!!! Enough Said....Wow!!! Thank You "

Gary Robles, Modesto CA

"I got "Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple" the other day. wish i'd gotten it years , many years, ago!!!! really lays out lead in the simplest way, eliminating all the baloney stuff. love it "

michael C. Lawrence, KS

"truly admire your playing-I played pro back in the 70's and early 80's, and have seen a lot of talent {and waste of as well} Your playing , technique and attitude are excellent."

Paul Abrams, California

" THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. Just from watching the videos I've gotten better and I've been playing since I was 9. I used to just be a vocalist and maybe play guitar from time to time but you made it so easy. I have to admit I was pretty skeptically about an Internet video ... BUT IT WORKED. I've been from teacher to teacher for years. Tell anybody who is considering this to not hesitate at all... CLAUDE JOHNSON IS A GUITAR GOD!!!"

Evan Clark

"Dear Claude,

It is indeed an amazing package for whatever skill level you are on. It will teach you things you missed along the way. It's investment in your skills, not an expense. Something this caliber won't last at this price level. You should not miss this once-in-lifetime opportunity to progress in your beloved guitar. You worked hard and have over the top teaching material. It will go from there. Good luck, you won't need that now, just hard work."


"You are the best guitar teacher ever! I have plateaued for quite some time and your fist DVD I ordered, Killer Guitar Control secrets gave me the push I needed to go on. I thank you for that."

Hank Thompson

"You're a GREAT guitarist and your courses seems to be very easy to understand. Keep up the excelent work. I'm very impressed with all that I've seen from you so far."

Luis Almeida

"Hi Claude,

Hey dude I love ya to death. I have purchased thus far 3 dvds from you. I have enjoyed them all. In fact I have gotten better. I enjoy your offerings and your passion. stay kool and never stop picking!


Tom Markham

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